Rental Requirements

All of our Waverunner(s) (know as; Jetskis, SeaDoos and PWC, etc) are skis that can fit 3 people. The machines are smooth, fast, and quiet for your enjoyment. Its the law that you must be the of 18 or older to rent in the State of Michigan. Youths can ride, but must be driven by an adult. 

Relevant information about renting the Jet Skis.

   ▪    We provide all life vests and safety equipment
    ▪    All  skis require a $400 deposit per unit
    ▪    A legal drivers licenses must be provided.
    ▪    Must be the Age of 18 for higher to operate a gas powered vessel(s).
    ▪    All person(s) born after the date of 12/31/1978 are required to possesses a boater safety certificate . We have provided the resource required to acquire the permit. - 
    ▪    All people born after 12/31/1978 must have the boater safety certificate on persons when operating the gas powered vessel per Michigan State law. This (boater safety certificate) and the rental agreement must be accompanied with the vessel. This is also Michigan State law.

Security Deposit + $400 (PER SKI)

For a Day = $400

For a Week = $1000

2 Ski’s for a Week = $1900


Drop Off between 10 AM to 12 PM 
Pick Up Time between 7PM to 9PM


A week rental is 5 full days + drop off and pick up days. This may be shortened due to # of drop off and pick ups required on that day.


3 days of rain (ALL DAY) = NO REFUND 
$250 Off each Additional day of rain beyond the 3 day term.


If your ski breaks down due to equipment failure. An additional ski will be provided. If a replacement unit cannot be provided, a partial refund will be granted. Renter neglect of the unit will result in an assessment of incident. The renter will be liable for damages and the deposit will be forfeited.